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Don is the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) of Life Quest.  He is a Career & Business Coach as well as a Certified 48 Days Workshop Facilitator.  He travels nationally and internationally to conduct business and career training as well as marriage & family workshops. One of his most requested workshops is called, Master’s Millionheirs, which trains and equips budding entrepreneurs to make sure they follow sound foundational principles to ensure success in life and business.

Don has operated his own financial services business, selling and marketing various insurance and investment products.  He is also the co-owner of a highly successful and sought after catering and cake business, The Cake Lady, with his beautiful wife Peggy.
"The Master's Millionheirs conference was a great success!  Nearly two months later, it’s plain that those who went through it are still thinking, planning, and best  yet - dreaming.  A couple have put the brakes on what they thought they wanted, so they can focus  on  what they want and then find the  best way to get there.  One has continued to plan and put the information to use  to take baby steps toward a dream she has had over 10  years.  One has become a better employee and has added value  to his  work just by thinking differently."           Pastor Chris Wilcoxson - Brunswick, Maine
"I had decided to not take the Millionheirs course.  I wanted to buy a used freezer to store candy ahead. (Candy business)  Tom, my husband, signed us up and I honored his decision.  The knowledge and wisdom you imparted are worth far more  than a gazillion freezers - thanks Don!"           Diane M.
Don's Blog..

How social is social media? With all the social media and electronics we have, why are so many people feeling lonely and disconnected in their personal and professional lives? My intention with today’s article is not to trash social media, but rather give all of us something to think about. 

We have lost the personal touch we all so desperately desire and need to live a happy and fulfilling life – personally and professionally. As a matter of full more.
"Everyone has a purpose."
Are you going in the right direction?
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Are You Looking For A Keynote Speaker or a Coach? 
Don speaks to various business groups, civic organizations, schools, state agencies and churches.  He has been blessed with the opportunity to train, motivate and inspire others in many arenas.  His passion is to motivate and equip people to find their passion and achieve their goals in every area of their life. 

To inquire about how Don can serve you in speaking to your group, conducting a workshop or your need for a coach, please call or email us.
Do you feel you were created for much more than just “putting in your time?"
​Do you want to plan your life, instead of someone else planning it for you?
Do you have "the next great idea" for a business, but don't know what to do next?
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