Don Roulo
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​For over 20 years Don as been speaking to various business groups, civic organizations, schools, state agencies and churches. He has traveled nationally and internationally to conduct leadership, business and career training.  

Because of his success in the sales and business arena, Don has been blessed with the opportunity to train, motivate and inspire others.  His passion is to motivate and equip people to find their passion and achieve their goals and God given destiny.

Don is not only a Keynote Speaker; he has two different workshops he conducts.  Master’s Millionheirs trains and equips budding entrepreneurs to follow sound foundational principles to ensure success in life and business. 

The 48 Days To The Work You Love Workshop brings clarity and empowers individuals to fully blend together their passions, skills and abilities, and personality.  This gives everyone the opportunity to find or create the work they love.
Don and his wife, Peggy, are a team in every aspect of their lives; marriage, family and business. They also team up to conduct marriage and family workshops as well as coaching couples on a one-on-one basis. Don and Peggy believe in order to truly experience success in your life and business it is critically important to have success in your marriage, family and relationships. Don says, "If it is not working in your home, it won't work in your business."

Humor is a big part of Don's life and this is certainly a part of his speaking. A proverb says, "A merry heart does good like a medicine."  In a world filled with doom and gloom it is important to continue to laugh. Don believes if you can bring humor and hope to people - they are much more receptive to life-changing information. People are inundated each and every day, with the 'Debby Downers' of life and need to be encouraged and equipped to reach their dreams.
48 Days Workshop - "Starting Over"
Keynote Speaker - Master's Millionheirs Workshop - 48 Days Workshop
"Make the rest of your life, the best of your life!  What one thing can you do today to start making this happen?" 
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