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The Story Behind The Prayer App for Children:

Peggy and I have worked on this project for several years and put together various ideas of how to have this available for anyone who has busy schedules and lives to pray for their children, grandchildren or any children who are in their life. We started out with a regular wall calendar that would have pictures of children on the top page and a prayer for each day on the lower page. After listening to the comments of friends, we realized two very important things. Everyone loved the idea of a daily reminder and an actual prayer for the day, so we knew it was a needed thing. But in listening to those same people, they said the pictures on the wall calendar were not their children...they wanted it to be 'personalized' to them.

It would be very expensive to have to gather pictures from each family and print individual calendars for just one family. One day, while brainstorming, we realized everyone has their calendars with them all the time...iPhones, iPods, iPads and Androids. From this conversation, we put an app together that can be at everyone's finger tips and can be personalized - while making it very affordable too. Instead of a calendar which would cost a minimum of $30 each, this app is only $2.99 as a one time purchase.
This is the homepage where you start.
Choose an existing or new photo.
Record your children's voices saying something like, 'Hi Mommy, please pray for me today." Set the time of day you want to be reminded.
Then 'save' and answer 'yes' to schedule your reminder time
When you respond to your notification, you will see your children's picture and hear their voices. Press, 'Read Prayer' and you will go to the next screen.
This is your prayer for the day. You can email the prayer or 'Tell A Friend' about the app.

Please check out our app at the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Androids.

Look for 'My Daily Prayer"
Please check out our app at the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Androids.

Look for 'My Daily Prayer"