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To view all 11 sample resumes click here.

The two resumes below are the same person, with the same information, but done in a different style.  See which one best fits your personality and the type of job you are seeking.

John Q. Public - Creative Version

John Q. Public - Detailed Chronological Version
FREE - Sample Resumes
Resumes are a sales brochure for your product - YOU! The average resume gets about a one minute look, so they need to be appealing to the eye, have clear information and most importantly, brag about your uniqueness. Below are links to a PDF version of many resumes options. As you read through them you will see they have notes on the top of the resume as to why it was used for various types of jobs.  PLEASE READ the notes, as they can be a big asset to you in determining which style may be best for you.  The sample resumes are used with permission by our friend Dan Miller of 48 Days.
Many people think they are doing a great job search by answering newspaper ads or sending out 200 resumes.  The problem is neither group is doing a proper job search.  In order to do a proper job search you must use a specific strategy which will get you interviews and then job offers. Download a PDF of the four step process for a proper job search.
FREE - Proper Job Search Strategy PDF
The most powerful words that are ever spoken are the ones we speak out of our own mouths about our own lives. We are either constructing or destructing the life we want to achieve. Below is a list of 21 Things You Should Always Say About Yourself.

Do you want to experience a more successful personal and professional life? Let me suggest you do something radical. For at least the next 60 days speak these words out loud about you and your life. I know if you do this, you will feel and experience more success in your personal and professional life.  Download a PDF of the 21 Things You Should Say About Yourself.
FREE - 21 Things You Should Say About Yourself PDF