Don Roulo
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If you don't plan your life - someone else will.
Master's Millionheirs is a workshop for anyone who has ever had the thought of "I want to be my own boss" - the budding entrepreneur who is seeking a solid foundation in starting, marketing and achieving success in their business.  

It is also for anyone who desires to make themselves more valuable to an employer.  In today's ever-changing work environment, becoming a more valuable employee is vital.     

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Master's Millionheirs...the missing piece to your entrepreneurial success.
Do you have "the next great idea" for a business, but don't know what to do next?
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You will be living the same life and doing the same work in 5 years from now, unless - YOU MAKE A PLAN!
This course is an interactive and motivational workshop that teaches how to identify your career calling based on your skills and abilities, personality, values, dreams and passions — rather than based solely on job history. It shows you how to get your mind out of the boxed in way of thinking–everyone is in charge of their own work/life happiness, and this shows you how!     

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Asking yourself, 'What do I want to do with the 
rest of my life?'
48 Day To The Work You the life & career of your dreams.
Take a look at Don's two most requsted workshops...
Master's Millionheirs 48 Days To The Work You Love